Fans Love Watching Illegal Streams

In a recent Premier League survey, almost third of fans admitted that they use free video streaming services whenever they get a chance. Live football streaming has become widely popular all over the world, and fans regularly watch matches live online using various unofficial streams. They manage to find what they need very easily simply because live streaming is the thing nowadays on the net and social media.


This is especially popular among young adults as they are most likely to stream matches via unauthorized providers. Illegal football live streaming is a trend that will not go away soon and more and more fans are digging this new way of supporting their favorite team. The survey showed that a huge number of fans do this on a regular basis.

Special technology

The older population still prefers a good old TV but the younger generations will turn to special technology to watch their matches online. Even though the unofficial streams are illegal, that doesn’t prevent the fans from enjoying them whenever they get the chance. The law is doing what they can to catch the pirates but they won’t be able to put an end to free live football streaming for quite some time as it’s becoming extremely popular all across the globe.

When asked why they continue to do that, nearly half of them say that the main reasons are the quality of the stream, TV sports packages don’t worth the money or they saw it from a friend a decided to give it a go. Even though the officials are warning the fans not to use these live video streaming services, their warnings falling on deaf ears. This way of streaming is hurting the football industry but the fans have a little to none understanding for it.Live_Channel_Comp-1024x768

Most of them think that football belongs to the public, not to the big companies who don’t care about the game and think only about money and profits. From the look of things, illegal live video streaming will not go anywhere soon and with all the recent apps that offer countless features, more and more fans are getting into this way of watching their favorite entertainment. Nothing can get in the way between the fans and the game.